SMEs: The backbone of EU economy

SMEs employ more than 1/3 of the European workforce and produce more than 20% of economic added value in the European Union

(ORSEU, 2019)


The BIC for SMEs project is a 3-year EU funded project that aims at creating training programmes customised to the needs of SMEs and their trainers.

Our team consists of experienced trainers in the field of small and micro entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as experts in quality management education.

To achieve its objectives, BIC for SMEs designed and launched:

  • a needs analysis on the training needs of small and micro entrepreneurs interested in boosting their innovation activity and their trainers

  • a training program for small and micro entrepreneurs interested in boosting their innovation activity

  • a training program for the trainers of small and micro entrepreneurs

  • detailed manuals and relevant learning materials for both groups

  • a tailored made training for trainers and entrepreneurs from the partner organisations to provide feedback on the previous results of the project

A number of policies and supporting mechanisms are launched yearly in EU to promote and facilitate entrepreneurial activities. From implementing training programmes to facilitating access to funding.

The objective is to combine entrepreneurship and the creation of new jobs, with EU’s establishment as a competitive industry through the generation of innovative goods and services.

Even though SMEs are the primary target of such policies and mechanisms still the larger the company, the more likely it is to implement innovation.

“There is growing, if still insufficient, recognition that entrepreneurship and small firm development promotes innovation and in so doing meets fundamental economic and social objectives. What is still lacking, however, is a solid and comprehensive understanding of what policy needs to do to release the innovation capacity of new and small firm".

SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Innovation © OECD 2010

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