The partners of the BIC for SME project gathered in Málaga, Spain between the 18th and 22nd October for a Learning, Teaching and Training Event hosted by our Spanish partner BIC Euronova.


This was the first time that the partners had met physically in approximately two years and it was a welcome opportunity to sit down together to review the work done to date and  to ‘work through’ it in a practical sense.


The objective of this event was to provide partners with an opportunity to reflect on the results and outputs developed including:

  • a sharing of experiences from the development of the outputs
  • challenges encountered,
  • implementation experiences,
  • shared partner best practice
  • opportunities to discuss potential improvements
  • opportunities to discuss implementation of new SME training supports


The project outputs were examined through the use and application of a number of case studies and the partners were particularly delighted to be joined by Martha and Angelica Guzmán from the Taco Factory and Gabby Mendoza from Language Skills. Two migrant entrepreneurs who have worked with Christar International on developing their businesses.


The event also coincided with the 30th anniversary of BIC Euronova and the partners had an opportunity to share the findings of the BIC for SME project with some of the assembled guests including representatives from many BICs across Spain.

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